6 Favorite Farmer’s Market Ingredients to Welcome Fall

Fall ingredients guideTo celebrate Fall and all of its bounty, scroll below to discover our favorite autumnal ingredients and what to look for when you hit the farmers market this season.
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autumnal Farmers Market IngredientsFrom all fruit that arrives in the fall, pears are one of our favorites because they are so versatile. You can roast them with red wine or bake them in a crumble with vanilla. You can serve them up as a salad with carrot or opt for a decadent chocolate pear dessert. When picking your perfect ripe and juicy pear, look for a few speckles on the skin; just make sure there is no bruising.
Photo by Andrew Montgomery.

Winter squash

best Fall ingredientsNo Fall entertaining or Thanksgiving is really complete without winter squash, one of the foods truly native to America. From soups to stew, quick bread and pies the wide range of winter squash varieties lend to any kind of culinary interpretations. Try a deliciously sweet butternut soup or a red kuri stir fry. When properly stored in a cool and dry place, some squash varieties will keep for up to six months!
Photo by Knitting Iris / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Fall Farmers Market IngredientsFennel is a vegetable that belongs to the umbellifereae family and is related to parsley, carrots, dill and coriander. Fennel is delicious in salads, especially when paired with orange and wonderful on its own in a soup. Fennel bulbs should be always clean, white —some green is still fine though—, and compact. Avoid fennel bulbs with soft spots or browning.
Photo by Alice Henneman / CC BY 2.0

Root Vegetables

 Fall Farmers market IngredientsParsnip, turnip, carrots, rutabaga, beets... The list of root vegetable is almost endless. Enjoy them in stew, soups or simply tossed in olive oil and herbs and roasted with a good farmer’s chicken. When shopping for root vegeyables, check the presence or green leaves to ensure the freshness; in they are yellowish, it’s likely the root begins to dehydrate. The vegetable should be firm when you buy it; avoid any roots that are soft.
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autumnal ingredientsArugula is certainly the most strangely flavored green with its bitter and spicy taste. This super flavor concentrate is unjustly used more as a garnish than as a food. Try this arugula pesto to garnish your sandwiches or pasta. These greens are fairly fragile: Buy and use arugula quickly unless you want it rot in your fridge. If you think about storing à batch for more than a couple of days, put the stem end in a half water glass and wrap everything in a plastic bag.
Photo by Sharon K / CC BY-SA 2.0


Fall producePomegranate adds such beautiful color to a lot of dishes! Try pomegranate seeds in a chicken and shrimp salad or in a fresh pomegranate lemonade. Plus, they can stay in the refrigerator for up to two months!
Photo by Sarah Murray / CC BY-SA 2.0

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