Green My Kitchen: 10 Must Have Eco Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

eco friendly produce bag

1. ChicoBag rePETe, Hemp & Mesh Reusable Produce Bags with Pouch $12.80 via amazon. com

Compost Pail Bamboo photo

2. BOO Compost Pail Bamboo, 3-Quart: $39.12 via amazon. com

Vegetable Keep green Sacks

3. Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks: $7.20 via amazon. com

Oil Spray Mister image

4. Orka Flavor and Oil Mister: $14.95 via amazon. com

natural linen napkins - Set

5.Natural linen napkins $30,00 by etsy.com

Biodegradable Tableware picture

6. Wasara Biodegradable Tableware: $12.00 by aplusrstore.com

Stoneware Grease Keeper

7. Stoneware Grease Keeper $21.98 via amazon. com

ecofriendy-Skoy Cloth Pack

8.PaperlessKitchen Skoy Cloth Four Pack: $8.99 via paperlesskitchen.com

Automatic Dish green Gel

9. Biokleen Automatic Dish Gel: $66.18 via amazon.com

recycling bin hangs photo

10.Hidden Recycling Bin: $25.19 via amazon. com

Mesh Reusable Produce Bags with Pouch thumbnail
Compost Pail Bamboo thumbnail
Vegetable Keep Sacks thumbnail
Oil Spray Mister thumbnail
natural linen napkins - Set thumbnail
Biodegradable Tableware thumbnail
Stoneware Grease Keeper thumbnail
ecofriendy-Skoy Cloth Pack thumbnail
Automatic Dish Gel thumbnail
recycling bin hangs thumbnail

Are you looking for ways to make your kitchen more environmentally compliant, yet practical, appealing and comfortable? Here’s a selection of innovative eco friendly gadgets and tools that will ease your work in the kitchen. From recyling bins to oil misters, everything is covered: disposable tableware, vegetable bags, or green dishwasher gel.

These straightforward and simple suggestions will turn you into a greener gourmet in no time!

1. ChicoBag Hemp & Mesh Produce Bags with Pouch — $12.80 via amazon.com
We like: the various sizes and earthy colors of the bags.

2. BOO Compost Pail Bamboo, 3-Quart: — $39.12 via amazon. com
We like: the lovely bamboo finish and the lid. Almost a decorative pot!

3. Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks — $7.20 via amazon. com
We like:
the various sizes and they look so great on the wall!

4. Orka Flavor and Oil Mister — $14.95 via amazon. com
We like:
it allows to flavor your salads and roasts without spilling and wasting oil everywhere. The elegant shape!

5. Natural linen napkins — $30,00 by etsy.com
We like: linen is always very elegant on a diner table!

6. Wasara Biodegradable Tableware — $12.00 by aplusrstore.com
We like: this biodegradable tableware set is definitely our favorite pick! Shapes are very stylish and innovative.

7. Stoneware Grease Keeper — $21.98 via amazon. com
We like:
this little pot knows how to be discreet.

8. PaperlessKitchen Skoy Cloth Four Pack — $8.99 via paperlesskitchen.com
We like:
100% biodegradable, what’s more?

9. Biokleen Automatic Dish Gel — $66.18 via amazon. com
We like:
 no chemical taste on your clean dishes!

10. Hidden Recycling Bin: $25.19 via amazon. com
We like:
don’t mess up with your regular garbage bin, allows to keep recyclable material apart.

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