Eco-Friendly Non-Stick Pans: Cook Safe and Healthy

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The invention of the pan back to the sixteenth century, since it never left our kitchen. This daily essential utensil has evolved over many technological breakthroughs to give us a still more powerful tool.

When trying to eat healthy every day, we are quite aware of benefits of using non-stick pan as it requires less fat or no at at all to get wonderful results with our cooked meals. The quest for the safest materials for health with a high degree of cooking performance leads manufacturer to compete in innovative findings. Here’s a brief overview on the latest innovations concerning non-stick pan utensils:


ozeri green earth frying pan ceramic non-stick coating - Eco Friendly Frying Pans Reviews - PTFE Free Pans - PFOA Free Frying Pans ReviewEcology invites itself into our kitchens: Green Earth by Ozeri is a pan serie that is trying to make a difference in terms of carbon footprint. Very similar to the now famous GreenPan, the pan does not release any toxic fumes even when overheated thanks the Greblon ceramic layer without PFOA and PTFE, harmful chemicals commonly used in the production of regular non-stick coatings. The process of applying the coating requires considerably less energy and reduces 60% of CO2 emissions. Finally, of course, the pan packaging is made ​​from recycled paper. Get more info and prices on Amazon

Even cooking surfaces

swiss diamond fry pan - no-stick pan -Eco Friendly Frying Pans Reviews - PTFE Free Pans - PFOA Free Frying Pans Review- non stick panIt’s sometimes quite difficult to properly cook food as there are often large differences in temperature within the pan. Demeyere proposes to remedy the problem with a coating that will evenly distribute heat. Stainless steel offers good resistance to deformation and without risk for health. However steel is a poor heat conductor, so Demeyere applies a conductive layer of copper that will allow heat to spread evenly in stainless steel and therefore in food. This reduce the amount of heat needed to sear or cook your food, thus leading to energy savings. Get more infos on Amazon.

The use of diamond

swiss diamond fry pan - no-stick pan -Eco Friendly Frying Pans Reviews - PTFE Free Pans - PFOA Free Frying Pans ReviewSwiss Diamond brand pushes the boundaries of the traditional non-stick pan and offers consumers a utensil using real diamond crystals particles. The use of diamond provides a non-stick coating that does not peel, crack or blister. Structured with cast-aluminium, these pan series are PFOA-free and lighter than stainless-steel or cast-iron utensil, ideal for fragile wrists. No hard clean-up anymore: it’s easy and effortless! Get more infos about the Swiss Diamond Series.


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