6 Tips for an Easier Thanksgiving Clean-Up

thanksgiving clean upThanksgiving is a time to enjoy family and friends and to express gratitude for the year’s accomplishments. This day should be fun for the hostess, too! So Don’t let the after-dinner clean up put a damper on your holiday. Here are 6 tips to make Thanksgiving dinner cleanup a less stressful task.

1. Request the help of older kids
The advantages to having your kids help you out with the clean-up is that they already know where things go in the kitchen, they know how you like things done and they will be more help and less bother than having people who don’t know your systems trying to help. Inform them, nicely, that you are calling on them, as the adults they are now, to step up and help out.

2. Request volunteers in your invitation e-mail
Include an option to volunteer for a clean up committee in your e-mail. Then brief your committee with what everyone should do during the party. Your cleanup crew will not have much trouble in cleaning the kitchen for you!

3. Consider hiring a helper
You can hire a helper to help in between courses and to do the dishes at the end of the night. The real benefit is that it keeps the guests in the dining room and prevent them from coming in and plunk these dirty dishes down. When there is a helper, they cooperate.

4. Use a rolling cart
Get a rolling cart and put a set of clean white absorbent cloths on top. It will help to get rid of dirty plates and dishes s you go, but it’s also a convenient additional counter for bread, wine and so one. Make sure it can be locked to avoid any colateral damages!

5. Keep plastic containers ready for the leftovers
Keep on hand many plastic containers for putting left overs in the refrigerator or for others to take home. This will avoid food stacking into dirty plates and sorting what ‘s still good to eat for later or not.

6. Throw away dishes are nice
If you’re not hosting a formal Thanksgiving dinner, consider using as many disposable baking and serving items as possible — like foil baking pans, paper or plastic plates, utensils, cups, and napkins. It does make cleanup easy!

(Photo credit: ID by Gwen, Interior Designer, Mercer Island, WA) 


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