How to Cook Small Dishes for Your Baby

How to Cook Dishes for Baby

How to enjoy our little baby between his 4th and 6th months? Who will begin to diversify its feeding? As a mother of three, I had great pleasure in preparing wholesome, mashed or stewed food for my little hearts! Of course, sometimes there is no time for some of us, but with the new ”all in one” cooking appliances and some tricks, we can wake up the taste senses of our children and have a great time cooking.

No more hours in the kitchen… Today’s Baby Food Maker allow us to make balanced meals in less than 15 minutes. Thanks to their multifunctional abilities, these robots can defrost, steam, mix and warm dishes. That is what put the cooks in the kitchen Sunday.

Choose the right cooking device

In addition to saving time, these machines make it easy. Tip: choose a graduated food bowl to prepare exact quantities of food
In addition, most devices stop cooking by themselves; this is time saved to play with our child!

A matter of taste

The awakening of the child’s taste is progressive, so we should not cook the dishes according to our own adult preferences. In general, babies eat a little less salt than adults. If you find that the baby food is faded, it will however certainly delight him… Especially if it’s you who have done it!

Here are some recipe ideas to enjoy:

Carrot Soup recipe for baby

Ingredients list
1 “Sand” carrot
1 Charlotte potato
1 knob of butter

Preparation Steps

Wash the carrots and potatoes under water. Peel and wash again. Cut the carrot into thin slices, the potato into small cubes and cook them 15 minutes in the steamer basket. Discard the cooking liquid. Transfer the vegetables to the blender. Give 3 pulses, adding a little weakly mineralized water between each pulse, until consistency is smooth and fluid enough for the bottle. Next, to learn the art of the spoon…

Beans puree with wild thyme

Ingredients List
40 g of extra thin green beans
1 / 2 potato
1 small sprig of thyme

Preparation Steps

Wash the beans. Place the potatoes in water, peel them, then wash before cutting into half pieces. Wash the thyme. Place in the steamer basket and cook for 10 min. Get the juices in a bowl. Transfer the contents of the basket in the blender. Give two impulses by pouring some of the cooking juice by intervals, to obtain the desired consistency.


You can check the book by Nicole Young “Baby Blender Food” which provides over 125 specially tailored recipes.

“Cooking for Baby” by Lisa Barnes gives a good baby cooking overview as well as great baby food recipes.

What are your baby cooking habits? Share your views and tips for making your baby meal a great time.

Photo by Lovelihoods

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