Make These Chic Tissue Paper Flowers in 6 Easy Steps

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Decorating with Flowers is pretty much a must when it comes to interior design. There’s nothing that refreshes a room as easily as a fresh bouquet. But it’s always so sad when they drop their petals and fade! Check out this easy step by step tutorial if you want to create an elegant floral arrangement that lasts forever. These paper flowers will also be perfect for wedding decoration or as centerpieces for a dinner.

DIY Paper Flowers Tutorials and step by step photos


  • Tissue paper
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue


 diy How to Make Tissue Paper FlowersTissue Paper Flower Supplies
1. Pick some pretty tissue paper and fold accordion style in 1″ folds. Tie the center of the accordion with twine, this will now be your flowers centre.
Paper flower DIY tutorialSimple Steps to Make Tissue Paper Flowers
4. Cut the ends to make the petals.
How to Make Tissue Paper Flowershow to make flower bouquets

5. Carefully pull up the first layer of tissue paper. Continue pulling each layer up toward the top until all layers of tissue are separated and flower is formed.
step by step instructions to make tissue paper flowersTissue Paper Flower Tutorial

6. Glue the back of the flower then stick the end of the twig onto it. Add some glue to secure the flower on the stick.
DIY Paper Flowers step by-step-photos
Ta-da, your pretty spring flower is ready.

diy tissue paper flower steps

Paper Flowers

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