Kitchen Organizing: 10 Creative Cutting Board Storage Ideas

Cutting boards can be found in any kitchen, and if you cook a lot you most likely have several of them. Heavy and sturdy or thin and discreet, you can simply store your cutting boards in a drawer. But sometimes there are much better ways to store them. Here are some custom and commercial solutions that might inspire you for your next kitchen shopping trip!

storing cutting boards picturesSource: www.durasupreme.com

cutting board storage photoSource: www.crinerremodeling.com

picture of storing cutting boards easySource: www.tongue-and-groove.com

Chopping Board Set pictureJoseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set

diy cutting board rack on a doorDIY Cutting Board Rack On A Door from FamilyHandyman

how to store cutting boardsSource: www.mascheroniconstruction.com

custom cutting board pictureSource: www.akitchenthatworks.com

cutting board drawer picture

Organize Cutting Board Storage pictureSource: www.innermostcabinets.com

how to keep cutting boards in a kitchen imageSource: www.AlexAmend.com

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