9 Cool Kitchen Gadgets: the Must Haves for 2012

Are you hungry for fun kitchen gadget to populate your countertop?
As we are in the middle of the first quarter, we thought it’s a good moment to look at the new cool kitchen gadgets for 2012. So enjoy the tour!

1 – Digital Thermometer BBQ Tong – by ParasiaDigital Thermometer BBQ Tongs — kitchen gadget

That’s a good one for a start. I know that your BBQ is still waiting for summer in the garage but it would be a good thing to think about enhancing your BBQ equipment in advance! Get the digital BBQ tong on amazon here.

2 – Digital Measuring Cup and Scale – by Taylor

Digital Measuring Cup and Scale — Kitchen gadget

This is certainly the first digital measuring cup and scale combination! The digital cup measures in weight and volume exactly as the recipe dictates. So you can easily weight dry ingredients and liquids. A built-in ingredients conversion database allows you to save time! Available on Amazon.com here.

3 – Egg Slicer – by Joie

Parasia International Egg Slicer — Kitchen Gadget

Let’s have a little fun with this egg slicer. Eggs slicer are cool tools but not very expressive… This dumb face will make you laugh each time you prepare your favorite eggs and tomato salad! But don’t overlook the real purpose of this kitchen gadget as it allows to slice boiled eggs with accuracy to set the best food platings you’ll ever make. Get it through Amazon here.

4 – Egg Cracker & Separator – by Trendy

Egg Cracker & Separator — Kitchen Gadget

The eggs separator from Trendy is really for the lazy people… But it’s so nice! Just take a snob posture while cracking your eggs with a jaded eye to make your mother in law furious! To do so, check it on Amazon here.

5 – Digital Spoon Scale – by Admetior

Digital Spoon Scale — Kitchen Gadget

Simple, clever and useful. What to say more? Get a price on Amazon.

6 – Egg & Pancakes Shaper Rings – by Norpro

Egg & Pancakes shapper ring — kitchen gadget

Take the boring out of the breakfast! That’s a good way to make your kids smile in the morning. Check the egg & pancakes shapers on Amazon.

7 – Puzzle Party Platter – by Totaly Bamboo

Puzzle Party Platter — Kitchen Gadget

This party platter is useful as a decorating item and an individual tray as well. You can hold your wine glass easily while choosing your appetizers with your free hand. Get a price on Amazon here.

8 – Lemon Juicer – by Lekue

Lemon Juicer Press — Kitchen gadget

Fed up of having sticky hands each time you need to press a lemon for your favorite drink or recipe? Here’s the perfect kitchen tool for you! This lemon “glove” allows you to squeeze lemon without any spill. Check it here.

9 – Steel Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip

Coffee scoop with bag clip — kitchen gadgets

This coffee scoop allows you to dose your usual expresso and close the coffee bag tightly with the stainless steel clip on the handle. Simple and elegant! Get it on Amazon here.

Best kitchen gadget summary

Egg Slicer
$10.26 via Amazon.com

So what would be you own kitchen gadgets selection for this beginning of 2012?

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