A Taste of Summer: Adorable Coastal Breakfast Nooks

Summer in style — We all yearn for a cozy place in our kitchen where we can have our breakfast and make plans for a picnic at the beach or a good walk on the seashore. Start with a white background, then add pastel accents of blue, light green, natural wood finishes and vintage light fixtures… It’s easy to get the look! Here’s a selection of coastal inspired breakfast nooks to provide just the right creative boost to fuel your inspiration!

(Credit photo: 1. Charlie Barnett Associates, eclectic kitchen, San Francisco / 2. First Lamp, traditional kitchen nook, Seattle / 3. Jeannie Balsam LLC, traditional kitchen / 4. Sutro Architects, traditional breakfast nook, San Francisco / 5. Kate Jackson Design, eclectic kitchen, Providence / 6. Portico Design Group, contemporary kitchen nook, Vancouver / 7. Masterpiece Design Group, traditional kitchen nook, Orlando / 8. Drew Kelly, seaside breakfast nook, San Francisco / 9. Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC, transitional kitchen nook, New York / 10. Goforth Gill Architects, traditional white breakfast nook, Seattle)

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