Table Linen Sets For A Classic Dinner Decoration

Classic Table Linen Sets Ideas - Tablecloth Sets Ideas - Table Linens Dinner Decoration

For a classic but fine table setting, go for a chic and sober table linen.  To bet on the elegance of simplicity, here‘s a short guide to properly choose and marry your tablecloth.

Don’t overuse colors!

To avoid any deception, go for plain colors for your tablecloth.  As the canvas of a painter, the neutral color allows you to highlight towels and table runners, as well as crockery and dishes.  Do not exceed two colors in order to avoid overloading your home visually.

The tablecloth

Round, square, oval, rectangular, cotton, paper, washable, there is now a wide range of models of tableclothes to meet all your desires and needs.  For a classic look you can stay with pastel shades or play up the superposition of plain and striped patterns, for example.


As with the tablecloth, there are a dense variety of choices.  Marry your napkins with the overall mood of your table and the colors or your tablecloth.  Otherwise you can choose to create a strong color contrast.  Create classic and chic color schemes by combining chocolate and turquoise, plum and copper, red and silver.

The little decorative touch as well

The individual mats can customize the guest’s place.  Again, they are now in all styles.  The table runners bring a very chic and trendy mood to the table.  On a plain tablecloth, use patterned table runners in order to highlight your composition.

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