Modern-Vintage Luxury: Playing With Brass Accents in the Kitchen

Brass is definitely a must-have if you’re looking for a richer more timeless look, walking between modern and vintage. Designers are getting back to gold metals and adapting the nostalgic feeling of antique items to the most contemporary lines. Let’s examine how you can add this warm retro-modern touch to your kitchen using accents of brass, an do the same at home:

brass pulls kitchen

This dreamy kitchen from New York based Felhandler/ Steeneken Architects shows a total look where warm copper and brass accents play on cream white cabinets. The brass pulls and faucets complement the light blue countertop. To achieve this neo-classic look, don’t be afraid to mix up different type of metals and add two complementary colors like light blue and cream yellow on a white basis.

brass hardware kitchen

Everything about these kitchen elements walks that line between vintage and modern. Brass and golden materials are often associated with old world luxury and antique. But if you want to implement an contemporary look, you can add accents of brass to a juxtaposition of stainless steel, which is now very common in contemporary kitchens. The handles, buttons and rings on the gas stove offer a subtle hint of richness, toned down by the wooden countertop. Design by Workstead, Brooklyn, New York

brass accessories kitchen

Even your accessories, tableware and serviceware can reflect this “back to roots” process. Plain white ceramics with a touch of gilding will sit proudly on your shelves and countertops. Design by Workstead, Brooklyn, New York

brass accents kitchen

Brass and golden metals work well with white, but darker cabinets can be greatly enhanced by a row of shiny vintage pulls. Elegueller Architetos from Brazil designed this kitchen with a modernist vision of a transitional kitchen style by betting on the contrasts and balance between the various materials of the room. The golden color of the brass is found on the wall, the floor and the rug, to compete with and add deepness to the dark blue cabinets.

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