What Do You Think of Black for a Kitchen?

What do you think of using black color for a kitchen?  It would not be my first choice of color, but after seeing these images, I have to admit that black can work very well for the kitchen and not just for a living room!
In the kitchens featured here, designers used black for tiling, cabinetry, wall paint or accessories. Enjoy the tour!

black kitchen cabinets photosPHOTO: www.cliqstudios.com/mission-kitchen-cabinets

 This black and glossy finish on the cabinets allows a stylish contrast with the matte granite countertop and the brushed steel handles.

modern black kitchen ideasPHOTO: www.hkw-p.com

It’s always a matter of contrast with black color: this kitchen looks discreet with this quiet arrangement of cabinets and backsplash. The central painting is enhanced by the dark surrounding color. 

contemporary black  kitchen imagesPHOTO: www.whirlpool.com

Here only the appliances have a dark finish and they match the flooring for a contemporary and dynamic look.

black modern kitchen cabinets picturesPHOTO: www.kuche-cucina.com

Same goes here with all the kitchen cabinets are in a black semi-matte wooden material, contrasting with countertop, white walls and flooring tiles. The results is a sleek and air design.

industrial black kitchen photoPHOTO: www.renovationdesigngroup.com

Black helps also to bring the spotlight on accessories, just like for this modern industrial kitchen. The accent is put on light fixture, faucet, stools and ceiling.

black for cabinetry kitchen picturesPHOTO: www.whimages.blogspot.com

This attempt is more of a classical approach, with a subtle twist. The open black cabinets show a nice contrast with white porcelains and appliances.

 modern black kitchen inspiration picturesPHOTO: www.PhilKeanDesigns.com

Black is a neutral color that can enhance many aspects of the architecture. Here, the black cabinets create a path to better integrate the kitchen in this open living space.

black kitchen hardware imagesPHOTO: www.kitchendesigns.com

Welcome in a world of contrasts! Black is here to frame the appliances and cabinetry of this semi-professional kitchen.

black kitchen ideas imagesPHOTO: www.normalprojects.com

Here the black island is a natural extension of the floor that creates an echo with the window framing that add rhythm to this lofty interior.

black kitchen decoration ideas picturesPHOTO: www.affectingspaces.com

This “chalkboard” wall is a good way to introduce balance between white and surrounding greenery. The look is definitely modern yet playful.

black steel kitchen photoPHOTO: www.bunkerworkshop.com

Black can become a structural element, flowing from the walls to enhance the architecture, then taking place on the kitchen counter and sink in a stylish way.

pictures of black kitchen cabinetsPHOTO: www.abramsonteiger.com

The countertop is the real central element in this picture. Black cabinetry is here to support it in a sober way.

photos of black kitchen cabinetsPHOTO: www.avaloninteriors.com

This black glossy kitchen countertop and cabinets help the orange accents to better integrate the overall color scheme of this loft.

images of black kitchen fixturesPHOTO: www.chrdauer.com

This kitchen illustrate a well known principle in interior design: a bit of black helps to add deepness and balance to a color scheme. Here we’ve got the windows framing, countertop and shelves fixtures that play that role.

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