What is the Best Way to Store Concord Grapes?

Best Way to Store Concord GrapesQuestion: “I love Concord grapes. I’m a bit fed up of going back and forth to the grocery store three or four times a week. I would like to have some at my disposal without have to go out every time. My grapes turn bad within a day.My uncle told me not to wash them until I am about to eat them. But even so, they start still turning brown too quickly.”
Sent by Kate

Editor: The best way to store grapes is the fridge. But on top of that, you need to choose good quality grape first. Choose plump Concord grapes with a deep bluish-purple color and a visible dusty bloom. This bloom is kind of a natural wax that helps prevent dehydration and increase storage life. Then store unwashed Concord grapes in the vegetable crisper at the bottom of your fridge, where they will remain fresh from one to two weeks.

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