What’s the Best Way to Store And Keep Asparagus Fresh?

Best Way to Store and keep asparagus fresh

Question: “What’s the most efficient way to store asparagus so that it stays fresh and crisp, rather than getting wilted and droopy?” Sent by Shannon, CA.

Editor: Asparagus is best cooked the day it’s purchased for maximum freshness, but you can keep it in the refrigerator with one of those two methods, the most important factor being to keep asparagus moist:

Wrap the bottoms of the stalks in a clean moist paper towel and place in a paper bag; store in crisper.

A better solution is to place asparagus straight up in a ramekin with a little water; just like you would if you were storing flowers. Make sure your refrigerator is not crowded, otherwise they risk to fall and wet everything. Keep the rubber band to maintain the stems together. They should stay fresh from 4 days to one week.

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