What Is the Best Way to Freeze Pasta and Sauce?

Best Way to Freeze pasta and SauceQuestion: “Can I freeze pasta in sauce? I just whipped up a batch of penne mixed with a tomato-chicken-mushroom and spinach sauce and I end up with more than I can eat in a week. I was told about freezing pasta on one side and sauce on the other side, but what if I already mixed these two? Is it microwaveable once frozen?”
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Editor: If you wanted to freeze pasta and sauce together, I don’t see why you couldn’t do that, too – after all, look at all the products out in store freezers like lasagna, that you put in your ovens right out of the freezer. If you feel adventurous, freeze your pasta and then drop the freezer bag into simmering water to reheat. Just don’t over cook it, because it wouldn’t be al dente anymore!

If you’re reluctant to freeze and thaw your food into plastic containers, use disposable foil pans. You could then just put them right into a pre-heated oven and bake without worrying that a glass baking dish might crack.

About freezing sauce: I’ve done it many times – when I make a big batch, I let it cool just a bit, then I divide it up into freezer bags according to size and just put it in the freezer. You can also use plastic containers. Bags are handy because you can put them right into hot water for thawing.

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