The 7 Best Oils for Summer Salad Dressings

Best Oil for Salad DressingsHow to succeed with your summer salads? Whatever the season, one of the the key element for a crisp and fresh salad mix is certainly the dressing. Generally made of oil and vinegar, we can also mix oil with lemon juice, yogurt or many other options. But, how not to get lost with all the types of cooking oils available on the market? To make deliciously flavored salads this summer, let’s have a little reminder:

1. Olive oil: Deliciously scented, olive oil is the “Queen” of cooking oils. It’s highly-prized not only for its health benefits, but also for its wonderful flavor.  It’s strong fragrance blends perfectly with any raw vegetable. Choose only extra-virgin oil, obtained cold-pressing.

2. Corn oil: will give a neutral taste so the seasoning will taste above the natural flavors of the produces. It has practically no flavor. Perfect if you want each ingredients to express their full qualities.

3. Sunflower oil: is also quite neutral and suitable for all salads.

4. Sesame oil: has a slightly spicy taste, use it to give an exotic, asian touch to salad mix.

5. Walnut oil:  is very fragrant, and communicates its nutty flavor to foods. Walnut oil is perfect when you add cheese into your salad mix. Avoid mixing it with vinegar, though. Be cautious not to put too much as it will mask the flavor of the other ingredients.

6. Hazelnut oil: gives a nutty flavor and a quite refined toasted note.

7. Peanut oil: is amazing with its taste of roasted peanuts, works well with any type of salad.

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