Meat Slicers: Cut Down Your Food Bill!

You might think this is just another expensive appliance reserved for professionals kitchens but nothing is more wrong! If you want to save money on meat, a meat slicer is definitely the way to go. Because it cuts the meat very thinly, you get more portions out of each piece of meat. Imagine the benefits when you plan to organize a big buffet party full of appetizers and small treats! Here’s a selection of compact food slicers that are easy to clean and come apart easily for clever storage:

1. Waring Professional Heavy Duty Food Slicer – $79.95 Amazon
2. Sportsman MSLICER 7-1/2-Inch Electric Meat Slicer – $53.97 Amazon
3. Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer – $99.95 Amazon

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