6 Best Aphrodisiac Spices for Valentine’s Day Dinner

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Many spices are known for their aphrodisiac qualities. With that in mind, what better time than Valentine’s Day to prepare the perfect menu for your love?!

It’s not surprising that we associate love with food when talking about spicy dating. Spices play a fundamental role in the awakening of the senses. I think it’s time to make a point about the qualities of the main aphrodisiac spices.


Known for its many medicinal properties, ginger also has aphrodisiac effects. According to many users, itincreases the libido and fulfills sexual life.


Little known for its explicit aphrodisiac virtues, it is said, however, that the seeds located inside of the vanilla bean have euphoric properties. Nothing better to increase libido!


Just like red chili pepper, cinnamon has exciting components. Needless to draw a picture about the aphrodisiac virtues that come along!

Cayenne pepper

Very stimulating, cayenne chili pepper possesses true virtues in the acceleration of blood flow.


Cloves would be one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs: indeed, they are used against mental or physical fatigue. They can be used by lovers who feel a little loss of power.


Used in ancient medicine, saffron was known for its aphrodisiac properties because it could be as powerful as some hormones.

Now you get a picture of the various possibilities around spices and their applications… not only for culinary satisfaction! I urge you to try this red hot chili pepper ice cream featured in the headline for a volcanic dessert.

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