Try This: 4 Unexpected Foods You Should Cook on the BBQ

BBQ-Food-IdeasWhen the weather is hot outside, it’s time to fire up the BBQ and plan some grilling. If you’re looking to accompany or for a alternative to your usual meat, lamb, chicken or pork chops. Here’s 4 ingredients you definitely have to try on the BBQ this summer.

1. Cheese: Grill brie or camembert directly into their wooden box, wrapped in foil. Put over the grill for 15 minutes at medium heat. Serve cheese into its box with croutons.

2. Seafood: Often overlooked, seafood goes so well with the grill. Grill shrimps, crawfish, mussels, clams or scallops with a grilling pan so you can manipulate them easily. You must rinse shell seafood and place them wet on the grill. Let cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until the shell is open. A dash of lemon juice will close the deal. Try a mix of mussels and shrimps, grilled along with pineapple slice that will end up almost caramelized.

3. Bacon wrapped vegetables: Grill some deliciously crunchy vegetables wrapped into crispy bacon: that’s a festive treat. Try this with green asparagus: Wrap one prosciutto slice around each asparagus spear, then grill until tender with grill marks, but not burned. Serve warm or chilled as finger food!

4. Fruits: You can cook fruit over the barbecue in many ways: in foil, into a grilling pan, or directly over the fire. Fruit will get a nice smokey fragrance while keeping their juice and sweetness. Try bananas in foil, or impress your guests with grilled apricots and a chocolate sauce. And what about peaches kabobs, sprinkled with lemon thyme?

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