7 Reasons We Still Want an Acapulco Chair

by Jason Chambers – Updated Aug 21, 2020
7 Reasons We Still Want an Acapulco Chair
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The Acapulco chair was originally designed for outdoor use, but today this design classic from the fifties makes a big comeback inside the house. Dressed with tangy colors or iconic black, it still proves it can rock our interiors in a variety of styles. It’s hard to find vintage pieces nowadays, but many manufacturer brands have the Acapulco chair. The cheapest models cost around $240 and are available in several colors. Read on for 7 reasons why this iconic design continues to top our most-coveted list.

decorating with acapulco chair1. Because of its stripped down elegance.
Design by Arent&Pyke, contemporary living room, Sidney.

acapulco chair interior design2. Because it looks so great in just about any color!
Design by Fusion D, family room, Bordeaux.

acapulco chair living room3. Because it adds a tropical flair to any space.
Design by Evoke, Contemporary living room, Seattle.

acapulco chair bedroom4. Because you can throw a blanket on it, curl up with a book, and actually feel REALLY comfortable.
Photo by Louise de Miranda, via 30s Magazine.

buy acapulco chair5. Because the Acapulco chair knows how to stay humble.
Design by Jasmine McClelland Design, Hallway and nook remodel, Melbourne.

acapulco chair living room6. Because it never looks outdated, even in a room surrounded by other vintage pieces.
Design by Fusion D, contemporary living-room, Bordeaux.

cheap acapulco chair7. Because it’s the symbol of timeless elegance.
Design by Brown Design Group, midcentury family room, Los Angeles.

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