Nine Smart Ideas to Create a Beautiful Kitchen

Command center of the home, the kitchen is kind of the headquarters for all things edible, and even more… If you want to create a warm and inviting room, functionality and aesthetics must go hand-in-hand. Vintage ladder shelves will add a touch of personality while painting the inside of your cabinets is a cheap way to add a boost of color. A well though pot rack setting can become an awesome accent wall and a simple shades create decorative details. With an eye to making kitchen decoration accessible and exciting, here are 9 smart decorating ideas for making your kitchen more personal and fabulous.

Ideas to Create a Beautiful Kitchen

Both decorative and practical, vintage inspired finds like these ladder shelvings can add a lot of personality to your kitchen. Hint: Choose a wood color treatment that contrasts with your floor for a better effect. Picture by Pottery Barn.

kitchen color ideas

An inexpensive way to revitalize your kitchen is to paint the inside of kitchen cabinets and drawers in a contrast color to the outside. Simply chose a  snappy color and put your favorite dishes and serving pieces on display! Design by Nerland, photography by David Kingsbury, San Francisco.

beautiful kitchen ideas

A bit of plant life is a great way you can liven up your kitchen. These indoor herb planters are perfect examples of cheap features with a maximum of positive impact on your kitchen. Design by Portico Design Group, Vancouver.

beautiful ideas traditional kitchen

A patterned rug can go a long way in a kitchen. It adds details when we expect only functionality, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s also a good way to complete the look of the cabinetry; ether by matching the style, or by creating a bold contrast. Design by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photo by Shawn Peters, Portland.

beeautiful kitchen feature wall

A bit of paint and few ideas allow you to completely rethink a single wall to create an awesome feature wall. This adds a big effect of perspective and visually enlarge a small kitchen. Design by Tinsley Hutson-Wiley Interior Design, San Francisco.

kitchen closet lighting

Light up the inside of your cabinets. Working as secondary light source, your kitchen cabinets help to set an understated yet very elegant look. Design by Barbra Bright Design.

kitchen design ideas

This design features a recessed pot rack and narrow shelvings combined together to form an awesome accent wall. Design by Dwelling Interior Designers & Decorators.

kitchen decoration ideas

Daring options are not necessary expensive. This kitchen features a splendid painted floor and a bright red kitchen island. This may not suit well in a brand new house or apartment, but you might consider painting old furniture and hardwood floor for a renovation. Design by Alison Kandler, beach style kitchen, Los Angeles.

kitchen curtains ideas

What works in a living room also works in a kitchen, provided you’re not using the space above the stovetop! Try colorful patterned shades on your kitchen windows to modulate light and add color to the room. Tip: hang shades so they skim the inside of the window molding to low and raise without catching. Design by Jo Alcorn at White Wash & Co, Toronto.

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