6 Tips to Find the Desire For Cooking ( When You’re Bored Of It… )

tips to encourage the desire for cooking

Plate of  “TV food”, takeaway, frozen food… You don’t feel like cooking anymore. Result is that you eat bad way, your taste buds are bored, your money is flowing away to buy fast food and you weight skyrockets in a strange way…  Maybe it’s time to bring back a peaceful relationship with gastronomy!

Here are 6 tips for you  to kickstart cooking again and concoct delicious meals for the whole family:

1.       Go shopping!

When the fridge is empty, the temptation of going out to restaurants is very strong. As a result, you cancel up the tour at the grocery store for later. To fire up the desire of cooking, simply go to the market.

Talk to producers, smell everything and buy what you like! Keep in mind the few remarks of your husband and children about your way of cooking and get going! If you want to cook carrots, zucchini or watermelon, do it! Your loved ones will be quickly addicted over your delicious preparations.

Another thing to do is to buy various spices, especially those you don’t know yet. This gives a lot of inspiration and opens curiosity for foods you would never think of.

2.      Keep your dishes simple

how to encourage cooking envyA dish that requires more than an hour of preparation is scary. But with little time and some good recipes, you can do real wonders.

Why not making a melon, cucumber, feta and basil salad? Enhance your dessert garnish with a strain of red berry coulis. Open the bottle and pour it: simple!

Another idea: bring a bit of crunch to a scoop of vanilla ice cream by sprinkling crushed pistachios or cookies.

3.       Put originality in your recipes

Do you always make the same dishes over and over? Change habits from time to time! Take one fish fillet with a pinch of sumac, a yogurt cake, grate or drag a Tonka bean chocolate chips.

Sounds too complicated? With a simple white rice, you can make your family happy. Mix rice with peppercorns and cook it in coconut milk for a fragrant result.

4.       Purchase kitchen equipment

how to stimulate the desire for cookingCooking when you have neither an oven, a stove, nor a bowl is an obstacle of course. To find the urge to concoct tasty dishes, you must first have some minimum gear.

Invest in functional and quality equipment. Invest on a nice looking cutting board with drop sides. Buy at least a skillet, a saucepan, a frying pan, salad bowls, a whisk, a paring knife, a peeler and a mixer. You can eventually add a blender!

5.      Cook with family and friends

Some have the courage to cook for themselves alone, and some not. To boost your cooking mood, invite friends to have tea.

You will be tempted to make biscuits. If necessary, ask them for some help and plan a “cooking” afternoon. Also get your kids involved. Together, prepare grated carrots, cook an omelet. And have a good time with family.

6.       Get inspiration from the web

The Web abounds with sites and blogs dedicated to the kitchen. Get inspired by the recipes of many Internet users, share your opinions, ask advice from other home cooks.

Besides this, why not opening your own blog, telling your journey to find the desire to cook? Your audience will make you go ahead and cook again with pleasure!

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