5 Tips to Tone Down a Too-Spicy Dish

tone down a spicy dishYou cooked a Thai soup but there you went a little hard on red hot chili pepper … How to calm down the fire of spices and save your dish? Follow our tips!

Dilute the taste of chili
To soften the fire from your colombo chili or curry, take out a few tablespoons of sauce and replace with coconut milk or cream. Chili will be diluted in the liquid. Don’t have any of these ingredients? Don’t panic. Simply add a stirred yoghurt in your preparation, mix well and voila!

Extend your dish
You made a recipe for two? Make it for three! Depending on your dish, add potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini… This will increase the ingredients proportions but not those of chilli and its pungent taste.

Use starchy foods

Potatoes, like bread, act as a blotter. Peel a potato and stir it in your dish. Pass it around in your pan so that it absorbs a maximum of spices. Then discard. Please note: this trick also works with a piece of bread, and in the case of salty dish.

Sugar also has the ability to soften a dish too spicy. Place a sugar cube in your pot, stir regularly until fully melted. It’s ready! Some cooks also add water to be sure of the result.

Quench the fire of spices
To soften the heat of chilli and refresh your palate, serve bread and a lassi or a refreshing drink made with mint or lemon.

(Photo credit: Moriza)

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