5 Tips to Make Children Eat Vegetables

Make Children Eat Vegetables - Eat vegetable - kid vegetables - Tips to Make Children Eat Vegetables

Making children eat vegetables is often a tricky task.  It’s true that getting our little ones to eat healthy food can be a true challenge.  But with some techniques from mum and books, there are plenty of ideas to make our children eat vegetables, and even love them.  If your kids don’t like vegetables, read this post.

Tip N°1: Add (discreetly) vegetables into his/her favorite dishes.

If your child swears by pasta, pizza, and mashed potatoes, the best thing to do is to alter some of their favorite foods by adding vegetables.  It’s easy and a perfect way to make them eat vegetables without even realizing it.

The easiest way is to add (discreetly) some vegetables into common recipes for children:

– On a classic ham and cheese pizza, add small, diced zucchini or tomatoes, or pieces of artichoke hearts.
– Enhance an omelet with peas, diced zucchini, or pepper strips.
– In the traditional pasta gratin, add mushrooms, spinach, and sliced carrots.
– In homemade mashed potatoes, add a few slices of carrots and a little grated cheese: make a nice puree with appetizing color!
– You can also surprise them with recipes like fried turnips, salted zucchini, or carrot madeleines.

Tip N°2: Name fun dishes.

To make children eat vegetables, there is nothing like a funny presentation.  It’s up to you to be creative when devising fun dishes!

The “fellow face” plate is a very effective classic.  The idea is to draw a face with the vegetables: green beans for hair, cherry tomatoes for eyes, sliced zucchini for cheeks.

Tip N°3: Teach them to grow their own vegetables!

Another trick to make children eat vegetables: give them the opportunity to grow what they eat.  The kids will be proud of the tomatoes or small herbs they have grown and harvested, so they will love to eat them!

If you have a garden, it’s easy.  In your garden, enclose a space that is reserved for your child.  They will learn how to plant, water the vegetables, and how to weed.  Choose varieties that grow fast so children quickly see the fruits of their work: cherry tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, etc.

If you have a terrace or balcony, it is very easy to install small plantations; herbal of course, but also cherry tomatoes and strawberries.

Tip N°4: Take them to the market!

When you go shopping, take your children with you.  Children generally love going to the market.  This is a great way for them to discover the wide variety of fruits and vegetables: colors, shapes, scents, etc.  Explain what that funny fruit or vegetable is called and why. In short, attract their interest!

Every week, let them choose one or more vegetables or fruits they want to taste. Cook them during the week and they will be delighted to find food on their plate that they have chosen by themselves.

Tip N°5: Cook together!

To make children eat vegetables, it is also important to involve them in the realization of the dishes.  Choose easy to make recipes for kids and give them appropriate tasks for their age: washing vegetables, peeling the beans, removing broccoli florets, or cutting cherry tomatoes in half.  Show your child how how to manage their new responsibilities.  You will be so proud of the results of his or her work that they will eat with pleasure! Why not try some  culinary courses for kids during vacations? It would be a good way to make your children discover a lot of useful skills, as well as learn about healthy eating and cooking practices.
What do you do to make your children eat vegetables? Tell us in the comments.

Photo by: Robert Couse-Baker

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