12 Simple and Delicious Main Dishes Recipes for Happy Dinners

Beef Stew in Red Wine image

Beef Stew in Red Wine

It's time to gather some inspiration for future chilly evenings because this beef stew is a very comforting food! Don’t overlook carrots, you will see they play a big role in this recipe because they melt perfectly with beef.

Braised Pork Tenderloin image

Braised Pork Tenderloin

Do you want to bring flavor to your pork tenderloin? Following the orange’s fragrance, this pretty combination will allow you to vary the pleasures.

Grilled Bacon Red Mullet image

Grilled Bacon Red Mullet

he weekend is fast approaching and you might want to gather some friends for a nice dinner. How about just a few grilled small red mullet, stuffed with pesto and surrounded by a thin slice of crispy bacon?

Mustard Seeds Pork Stew image

Mustard Seeds Pork Stew

You’ll see that pork is a very versatile meat that you almost cannot miss to cook. That’s an easy “set and forget” recipe for cooking beginners that makes a delightful dish for an evening dinner.

Spelt Goat Cheese And Ham Risotto image

Spelt Goat Cheese And Ham Risotto

The main ingredient of this recipe is spelt. Spelt is an ancient grain, similar to wheat, which has a nut flavor. For thousands of years, the history of spelt is closely linked to mediterranean civilizations. It is a hardy cereal, grown on poor soil, under harsh weather conditions and requires no pesticide or herbicide. It also need very little water.

Lamb Stew With Vegetables main dish image

Lamb Stew With Vegetables

Lamb stew it’s “vintage” sounding makes it kind of a classic recipe, but once you tested it several times, you’ll think he deserves to be (re) known!

main course fish recipe image

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets with Fennel

This pan fried sea bass is prepared in 30 minutes! Frankly I am amazed by the minimal ingredients, quick preparation, appearance and taste!

easy veal main course recipe image

Asparagus and Mushrooms Veal Stew

In his Physiology of Taste, Brillat-Savarin wrote that he prefered veal to all meats. Tender and delicate in flavor, the veal meat is easily prepared and is consistent with most vegetables and sauces.

easy turkey dinner recipe image

Herbs Stuffed Turkey Roll

Here’s an original and healthy way to cook poultry: a plastic wrap, a steaming and that stands alone by itself! It’s a change form cooking poultry in a pan or oven.

chicken fricasse recipe for dinner image

Chicken Fricassee Recipe

The Lyon region is fortunate to have the Bresse area, the only producer of AOC poultry in France, in its neighbourhood. Therefore promotes the purchase from you local poultry farm whenever possible.

easy main course recipes image

Shrimps Gratin with Cheese

A simple and light recipe for shrimps: ideal as a starter. Shrimp Gratin recipes are numerous and versatiles, you can eat shrimps cold way or hot and its flavour is easy to accomodate with various other elements. Let explore this potential with this shrimps gratin recipe.

macquerel main dish recipe image

Marinated Mackerel in White Wine

Here is a recipe for some tasty marinated mackerels with white wine and orange. This healthy fish recipe is very far from the mackerel in white wine available in cans. Here, mackerels are half cooked, very soft and fragrant with spices and herbs from the marinade. A perfect Healthy fish recipe when the weather is hot!

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Having a wide repertoire of easy main dishes recipes goes a long way for putting food on the table every day — or even just a few times a week. The recipes you will find here are simple and guaranteed to become solid foundations in your cooking routines. On your menu: beef stew in red wine; grilled bacon red mullet; braised pork tenderloin; pasta with mustard seeds pork stew; spelt goat cheese risotto… and more.

12 simple and delicious main dishes for happy dinners

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