10 Beautiful Trivets to Protect Your Table

Serving a hearty stew or casserole for a family dinner or a party is a great option, but you cannot get a hot dish on the table without protecting it from heat. Although some might just use a folded towel, not all trivets make elegant companions to your Champagne glasses and silverware. That’s why we scoured the web to make this selection of 10 trivets that are simple, functional, and won’t look out of place with the rest of your beautiful table decor.

1st row:
Universal Expert Trivets – $30 West Elm
2. Troika Trivet, by Teroforma – $60.00 Yliving
3. Snug.button wooden trivet, by Snug studio – $28.00 Etsy
4. Plate coaster, by Rina Ono – $63.00 Neest
5. Lattice Ebony Stone Wine Trivet – $12.99 Overstock

2nd row:
Hive Silicone Trivet, by Modern Twist Studio – $16.59 Amazon
7. Lattice Trivets, by Totally Bamboo, Set of 2 – $12.11 Amazon
8. Knik Foldable Trivet, by Blomus – $12.59 Allmodern
9. Blossom Silicone Trivet, by Spice Ratchet – $9.10 Amazon
10. Cactus! Round Trivet, by Alessi – $76.00 Amazon

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