The 6 Best Travel Kettles You Can Pack For A Trip

From China to Sri Lanka to Turkey to Japan, there is literally no other beverage that gives you a better way to travel the world than tea. But for those of us real travelers who need a few cups in the morning before we set foot outside, or a cup in the evening when settling in, we know that feeling when there’s nothing provided in hotel rooms to heat a little water. Enter the compact travel kettles: Easy to pack in any travel case or backpack, they are a sure way to heat water without relying on dubious hotel appliances, and avoiding horrendous room service prices. Here’s our selection of the best travel kettles for the money, all readily available on Amazon.

1st row:
 Bona Voyage 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle, by Bona Vita – $31.49
2. Travel Water Heater Kettle for Car – $55.00
3. Austin House Dual Voltage Kettle – $29.71
4. Rival 32-Ounce Hot Pot Express – $16.99
5. RoadPro 12-Volt 20oz. Smart Car Pot – $22.03

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