Slow cooker — Food Steamer for Oven by Royal VKB

Are you looking for a stylish and elegant food steamer? Good things always come to those who wait. Royal VKB proposes an innovative way to prepare your soups, stews, or steamed vegetables. Both an electric slowcooker and a oven proof steamer, this lovely device has a lot to show off!

What we like:

  • Just toss in your favorite fresh ingredients, pop it in the oven and sit back while your meal cooks itself.
  • No need for oil or butter as the slow and gentle cooking process tenderizes the ingredients allowing full flavors to come out.
  • Even the toughest cuts come out moist and delicious!
  • The beautiful terra cotta shell retains the natural vitamins, minerals and flavors.
  • The 2 parts serve as serving containers: sip your soup directly from the bowl!

Slow cooker, Food Steamer for Oven by Royal VKB – $73.60 via Amazon

Wholesome and delicious meals to brighten your life.

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