Help! How to Keep Spinach Fresh Longer?

May 24, 2013
Christina Cherrier


Question: “I love eating spinach and I buy it in large quantities but every time I throw more than half as it spoilt very quickly. What are some good ways to store spinach?”

Sent by Jessica

Editor: In absolute terms, fresh spinach doesn’t keep more than 2 days in the refrigerator! But of course it is advisable to consume it the day of purchase. Anyway, here’s few tips:

  • If you store spinach in your refrigerator, wrap them in a damp cloth or leave them in a paper bag, not in plastic. Spinach needs to “breathe” and hermetic plastic will collect moisture very quickly, so paper bags are more appropriate.
  • Once cooked, spinach oxidize very quickly, eat them within a day or they can become toxic. The best way to keep spinach longer is to freeze your meal in several portions that you will thaw up when needed.
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