DIY Ideas: 11 Adorable Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

For a great Easter celebration, just have a look at these Easter egg decoration ideas from some of our favorite bloggers. From simple Easter eggs dying to more elaborated crafts, kids and parents will enjoy some great time together!

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1. This color scheme is pretty simple but cute: grey-blue, gold and turquoise. For a poetic melancholic Easter?

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2. Using paper towel pattern cuts is a great ideas! Possibilities are endless in terms of colors and decoupage.

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3. Who said watercolors are just childish? These colorful thumbprints are so lovely!

painted Easter Eggs

4. By

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5. I don’t know how much time it requires to obtain that kind of a result but these dentelles egg coats are wonderful!

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6. Buttons and Lace Easter Eggs

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7. Here’s a mixed style composition in a lovely basket.
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8. This not the most spectacular but my favorite anyway. The idea is just great!

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9.  The glass basket is a nice idea, and mixing decorated Easter eggs with flowers create a resonance with flowers hand painted patterns.

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10. Now it’s time for some sewing work!

ester eggs decorating ideas

11. via Pinterest

Happy Easter! 

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