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Great Summer Supply List: Ice Pop Makers

Nothing else speaks summer more than a freshly made ice pop. These simple pleasures of summer time comes in so many variety that you’ll need several seasons to master all possibilities that can come out of your ice pop molds! Let your kids help you create iced treats using juices, purees, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, applesauce, fruit, chocolate, caramel, and even whipped cream! To help you make the most perfect and fun refreshment this summer, we made this selection of the 5 best ice pop makers on the market, just for you:

1. Zoku Single Pop Maker – $24.95
2. CHOSIGT Ice pop maker, assorted colors – $1.99
3. 4-Piece Silicone Ice Pop Maker Set – $8.30
4. Zoku Quick Pop Maker – $51.98
5. Zoku Slow Pops: Classic Pop Molds – $14.99

Not pictured above:
Back to Basics Lickety Sip Ice Pop Maker – $6.99

Jun 21, 2013
Sidney Yang
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