Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel

The candied orange peel is delicious and well worth it to flavor a dessert or a complete set. But it is often sold at the price of enriched uranium! My father used to make them according to the recipe from his mother. So here is how you make candied orange peels by yourself for almost nothing, which, in these days is still very nice! One of the greatest benefit of making these little sweetness on your own, is that it will perfume your kitchen for hours!

Ingredients for Candied Orange Peels

For about thirty barks:

2 organic oranges (pesticides are almost all in the bark)
150 g sugar
2 dl water

Preparation: Candied Orange Peels

– Wash the oranges
– Peel the bark and cut into segments (depending on the size you want).
– Blanch in a little water to remove the acidity of the peel, cool and drain.
– Make a syrup with sugar and water, bring to a boil and poach the zest for 15 minutes (low heat).
– Drain and set aside to cool.
You can then roll in powdered sugar if desired or even better dipped in melt chocolate!
Of course, this recipe also works for the yellow or green lemon, do not hesitate to mix the three colors for your decor.

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