A Magical Chocolate Mousse with No Eggs!

A Magical Chocolate Mousse with No Eggs!

Magical because this simple chocolate mousse recipe uses only two ingredients: chocolate and water! No eggs, no cream. Yes, it sounds insane.But the result is truly stunning.

The French culinary chemist Hervé This invented this technique: in five minutes we obtain a dense and fresh and foam ready to eat. The technique is very similar to the whipped cream. Serve in small portions or why not use it to decorate a cake. Of course you can add flavorings, or replace part of the water with coffee, a little alcohol or a fruit juice.

Ingredients list for the no eggs chocolate mousse recipes

4 servings:

  • 7 ounces (200g) of dark chocolate
  • 5 1/2 fl oz (16cl) of water

Cooking instructions

1. Put the chocolate and water in a saucepan, melt over low heat.

2. When the chocolate is melted and creamy, remove from heat, pour into a bowl and place in another larger bowl in which you also add ice and a little water.

3. Whip with an electric mixer. Try to incorporate air bubbles. At the beginning, a few large air bubbles will appear on the surface but they do not catch properly. When the mixture has cooled sufficiently, it swells and whitens slightly. So increase the whipping speed for a few seconds. Don’t overdo this last operation because the mousse will become lumpy. It’s ready! Eat immediately or refrigerate.

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