In Season! Grapefruit to Vitamin your Winter Days

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Why we love them: west Indian in origin, now widely grown in Florida (which produces the best), California, and elsewhere. Grapefruit is a well-known source of vitamin C, but this fruit is also rich in fiber. The presence of fibers helps keep you feel satiety and lower cholesterol levels, among other benefits. Grapefruit has also been found to aid in weight loss.

There are two types of grapefruit: white and red, differentiated more by the color of their flesh than their skin.

Red grapefruit were once sweeter than white, but that’s no longer really true because white grapefruit tend to become less and less bitter, for a sweeter taste. Each year, it seems that breeding techniques make grapefruit sweeter and sweeter. And maybe you noticed that we find less and less seeds in grapefruit than before. In fact, the market demands for sweeter fruits so grower adapt their production. Pomelo and ugli are similar fruits and may be treated as grapefruit.

Buying and storing grapefruit
Look for specimens that are compact and heavy for their size — the heavier, the juicier. Store grapefruit in the refrigerator after a day or two at room temperature. to let it ripen.

How to enjoy grapefruit
Cut the grapefruit in half through its middle, then cut around the edges, cutting the flesh from the skin, and then along each of the sides of the segments; eat with a spoon. You can also peel it and separate the segments as you would do with an orange. This works well with smaller fruits.

Other citrus fruits to substitute: Oranges or pomelos.

Photo by : meganschuirmann

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