What You Need to Know About Health & Cooking

We often hear about the need to “eat healthy” all around, but what does this mean exactly?
Healthy food is primarily related to healthy cooking. Synonyms for healthy cooking are numerous: health food, dietary cooking, healthy cuisine, quality food, etc.. Indeed, healthy cooking encompasses many elements and it is important to combine them all together.

A healthy diet is above all a healthy cooking practice: this means that we will cook and eat things that are good for our health, that will protect us against disease and give us energy. Healthy cooking methods allow us to capture the flavor and nutrient of food without adding extra fat or salt.

There is absolutely no other way than putting ourselves in the kitchen and start cooking meals on our own because that’s the only way we can learn by practice and control exactly what we put in our bodies.

Then, you’ll understand that healthy eating and cooking are directly related to a whole healthier lifestyle. On Eat Well 101 we have all the information you need on special diets and healthy cooking, with tips and tricks to help you create delicious and nutritious meals.

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