Help! I Need Easy Potato Recipes for My Kids

how to cook firm potatoes pictureQuestion: “My children are 5 and 7 and they just love potatoes for dinner. But I start having issues to find good new recipes for those little picky eaters… They get fed up quickly of the same recipes over and over, and are always asking for something funnier… Please, I need more cool ways to cook potatoes for my kids!”
Sent by Julia

Editor: Pleasing kids without scratching our head and spending too much time cooking is not always easy. Maybe what you can do is to use classic cooking methods for potatoes but offer more “visual” variety: slices, cubes, latkes, patties and so on. You can also quickly carve nice shapes out of small potatoes. Steam cooking offers lot of possibilities for stuffing halved potatoes with many ingredients: ham, fresh cheese, butter, herbs…

Here’s a selection of quick potato recipes and tips that are well suited for our beloved kids:

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