Market Fresh: 5 Vegetables For Summer

[portfolio_slideshow navpos=top]You want something delicious? How about fresh vegetables straight from the market? At Eat Well 101, we  want to help you eat fresh, tasty food all year round. So today we’re sharing a short list with different kinds of vegetables you can expect to find at your local farmer’s market this summer. We’ll include their health benefits along with a new recipe to try for each one. Ready to try your hand at cooking summer veggies?

1. Beets :  Beets can be eaten raw, grated or finely diced, at any time of the year. You’ll find already cooked most of the time. It fits perfectly with lamb’s lettuce or potatoes.
Recipe to try: Beet and Goat Cheese Dip.

2. Tomato: Made of almost 95% water, tomato is the ideal produce for a full intake of vitamins. Choose your tomatoes firm enough with a smooth, unblemished skin, and with a bright color.
Recipe to try: Fresh Tomato Pesto with Basil and Olive Oil.

3. Zucchini: Very low in calories, zucchini is also a very good source of fibers. Choose it smooth and firm. Keep them raw to make delicious salads. Cook zucchinito eat  them as a ratatouille, fried, or as an accompaniment to a pasta dish, meat or fish.
Recipe to try: Raw Zucchini Salad with Aromatic Herbs Dressing.

4. Eggplant: Very low in calories, eggplant is one of the top vegetable in Summer. Before serving, you should choose a firm, dark and bright purple skin. To maintain its nutritional benefits, it is better to steam eggplant, but when it comes to taste, grilling and roasting reveal all its fragrance.
Recipe to try: Eggplant, Cheese and Ham Rolls.

5. Corn: Corn is a vegetable rich in fiber. Choose cobs with pale green leaves and yellow, shiny, and plump grains. Corn is eaten warm, blanched in water, but also grilled  or raw in salad. It is also a perfect garnish for meat dishes and roasted poultry.
Recipe to try: Chilled Corn Soup

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