Conscious Diet: 4 Tips to Make Up for Small Greedy Deviations Before Summer

It has been several days since you systematically go out to restaurant, evening with friends and dinner with mom. So here’s how to correct your little faux pas quickly so that they remain without consequence on your waist line before summer

We must admit, it can be frustrating trying to control our weight all year round. It’s difficult to resist against to a gorgeous four cheese pizza, a square of chocolate, or even a potato and cheese gratin. Especially when you dine with friends or family. But when these indulgences become way too frequent, we must act. Otherwise we can be sure the little extra pounds will settle on our hips, just before summer.

Balanced meals
Get back to balanced meals and limit restaurants and snacks that are harmful to the waist line.

Eat well in the morning. This will save you from a splurge on a box of cookies at 11. Bread, milk cereal … You have all the choices. Only downside: Avoid pastries that are real calorie bombs. And have a light hand on Nutella and jam.

If you have lunch at home, cook white meat with steamed vegetables and starches. Finish with a fruit and forget the chocolate bar that sits in your handbag. To accompany your meal, rediscover the benefits of water and give up sodas.

Do you eat at your office? Skip reheated meals and the quiche lorraine you purchased at the bakery. Prepare your self a Bento box! Diversify foods and rediscover the pleasure of eating well, even in front of your computer. And if your colleagues take you to dinner, head on to the Japanese! There you’ll eat healthy, light and satisfying.

In the evening, have a light but consistent dinner. Prepare a nice salad with lamb’s lettuce, pineapple, chicken breasts… Do not forget to eat rice, pasta or bread. The goal is not to be hungry and eat a chocolate bar after 9pm.

Diversify your foods
When the fridge is empty, it is tempting to fall into the take away trap. Start by groceries. Diversify products and pick up those which make you feel like strawberries, pineapple… Choose starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, white meat and fish. And avoid everything chips, pizzas, sauces and other frozen foods.

To reconnect with the pleasure of eating light, take the time to cook. Cut the carrots, zucchini and peppers into strips and add them to your fish or chicken in foil. With all these colors, you will just want to savor. Think also about spices, herbs and lemon and lime that will flavor up your dishes pleasantly.

Make your dishes lighter
Choose only 5% fat cream. Same goes with ground beef, buy leaner ground meat, up to 5%. Wherever possible, cook without oil, butter or margarine. Opt for steam cooking, boiling or baking in foil but flavor your dishes so they are still tasty.

However, be cautious about “light” labels, because they are not always. It’s better to compare labels between two similar products to make your on opinion. It is a bit tedious but it’s worth it.

Opt for lightweight foods
Opt for light produce such as cucumber, grapefruit, apple, salad … Agar is also part of these slimming foods. This algae can be cooked easily and it swells in the stomach. By consuming, so you quickly reach your satiety threshold so you wont be tempted by a slice of cake. It also contains fiber and minerals. Great for your shape and vitality.

Add some workouts and your little eating deviation will be soon forgotten.

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