10 Tips to Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Taste

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Are you looking for tips on healthy eating? Healthy eating is a matter of knowledge and motivation.

If we don’t know any substitute for fat products or if we don’t know how to regulate our alimentation, motivation alone cannot make us go very far. Healthy ways to eat are many, depending on your taste and cultural habits. There isn’t one unique way of healthy eating, that’s why I’ll try to introduce easy ways to healthy eating without feeling deprivation and frustration.

So here are 10 healthy eating tips for eating healthier  in an easy way without sacrificing our pleasure.

1. Avoid skipping meals to eat healthy

Nutritional intake must be spread in three meals throughout the day. – a real breakfast that prevents you from feeling tired at 10 o’clock, lunch (which does not rhyme with sandwich every day) and dinner, friendly but lighter because it is followed by an insignificant amount of activity before bedtime.

By sticking to this healthy eating routine, your body will be able to regulate itself and program digestion easier.

2. Combine healthy vegetables, starch and protein at every meal

It’s the synergy of these three healthy food groups that will help you avoid tiredness and snacking between meals! If your lunch break is reduced to a sandwich opt for combining it  with mixed vegetables, bread or whole grain bread.

3. Do not overuse fat

For healthy cooking, choose vegetable fats (oils, margarine) instead of animal fats (butter, cream). Think also of cooking methods that require little fat (vapor, foil curls, grill), homemade salad dressings or sauces with less fat than what can be found in the supermarket.  Controling what fat you eat is part of healthy eating tips to lose weight.

4. Reduce salt intake for a healthy diet

We should not consume more than 8 grams per day! Don’t put salt if you haven’t tasted your meal yet. Think of herbs and spices that often make dishes tasty without the need for added salt. Be careful with the salt “hidden” in most dishes.

5. Limit sugary foods

Soft drinks, cakes and cream desserts are full of sugar. Without renouncing your guilty pleasures, avoid dangerous accumulations or opt for homemade pastry which is always less saturated than processed sugar.

6. Avoid snacking between meals

Snacks, sweets, chocolate bars … hard to resist! These are “calories gaps” that contribute nothing to the body and do not appease hunger. In case of acute and repeated hunger have a cereal bar or fruit, which is a healthier food to eat and more satisfying.

7. Drink water at will all day long

Essential for hydration, tap water is the best (except against-indication in your area) and the cheapest! If you want to “liven up” your drink, lemon juice or mint leaves work well and are sugar free!

8. If hungry, eat a fruit

Snack but don’t rush to a pastry or a packet of crisps! Fruit can satisfy sweet cravings. Note: apples (with pectin they contain) can also help to appease hunger. It’s one of the most simple ways to eat healthy.

9. Stay hungry, but with caution

No way to turn you into a hardcore nutrition or disconsolate victim! Eating well should not be a punishment. And like any rule, it has exceptions. It’s up to you to set the pace!

10. Exercise every day

A healthy body needs action! Even if you are not a great sportsman, be sure to include at least 30 minutes of physical activity during your day.

I would like to hear your own tips and advice on ways to eat healthy, so please answer in the comments below!

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