The Right Way to Serve Wine in a Dinner

How to serve wines — learn to serve wine  — how to choose wine for dinner

A wine service leads to a successful marriage of scholarly taste and flavor between food and wine, in order to allow the two to complement each other to better express themselves. The choice of wine should be made with care. To offer its best, it is necessary to serve wine at the right temperature with a good glass to showcase its dress and bring out its bouquet. So it’s time to learn how to serve wine for your dinner events.

How to Serve Wine in a Dinner?

Wine choice:

Depending on the choice of wine and dishes, it is possible to find good wine pairings. However, to avoid disappointment it is advisable to consider some basic rules when choosing the right wine to serve.

Learn to general rules to serve wine in a dinner

For all that is red meat, it is preferable to opt for a red wine while for white meat and seafood is the white wine (dry or sweet) as appropriate. The white soft drinks are also great as an aperitif, but the beginning of the meal and especially during the warm seasons, the “rosé” is best suited to accompany the salads. However, red wine can also be combined well to roast chicken, salmon or tuna as well as red meat goes well with a full bodied white wine.

Some rules to know in the kitchen

Instinct is the most faithful friend, therefore, do not hesitate to follow your desires. However, wine and food should complement each other, so care must be taken when choosing the appropriate wine. In this way, for a simple meal, just a simple wine, but for fatty foods, a fresh wine is better while for food purposes, a lighter wine is recommended. Finally, if the menu includes a very spicy dish, a strong wine is entirely appropriate.

Knowing the ideal temperature of wine:

The wine shows its true qualities when it is at the right temperature. To this end, the good old red wine should be served at least 18 ° C and 10 ° C and 12 ° C for young people. White, meanwhile, can be drunk between 10 and 12 ° C, but an old white is best from 10 ° C. The sweet wines, they are served at room temperature for tasting, or between 8 ° and 10 ° C when it is mild. Finally, champagnes and sparkling wines are served chilled between 8 ° C and 10 ° C.

“Chambré” or cool?

To better appreciate certain wines, it is useful to heat them in the most natural way possible. The red wine for example, is placed in the room half an hour before serving so that it acquires the room temperature. By cons, sometimes it helps to cool the wine. To do this, we can put it in a bucket filled with water and ice, knowing that in 10 minutes, the temperature decrease of 6 ° C.

The opening and the service of wine:

How to open and serve wine gives a final touch to the service of wine. Every action has a meaning here is why it is important to know what to do.

The opening of wine:

Open the wine at the right time can improve the flavor because the more airy it is, the more it improves. In this sense, put it in a jug is a very good technique allowing it to take air and get rid of carbon dioxide as well. For a wine with sediment at the bottom of the wine bottle, decanting is indicated. After that, it is transferred into a pitcher making sure to leave deposits in the bottle which once filtered can be used to make sauces.

Choosing the right glass of wine:

To serve for more refinement, the choice of glass for tasting must be done in order to bring out the qualities of wine. Indeed, the shape and quality of the glass affect the appearance, taste and bouquet of wine. A thin glass undecorated then reflects the purity while its oval body tightened up and can better feel the aroma. It is therefore advisable to serve the young and fruity wines with a tulip-shaped glass and champagne and sparkling, with a rather narrow flute while the mature red wines can be served in a ball flared glass.

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