The 7 Basics Appliances that Make your Kitchen Life a Little Easier


Suppose you don’t have the desire nor the space nor the money to buy every kitchen appliance on the market…

Here is a summary of the electrical device that can make your kitchen life a little easier. Note that if something is not here, I do not think it’s even worth considering, though I suppose you have a refrigerator and a toaster, for example.

1.      Electric mixer:   

Electric mixer: If you bake a lot, you will probably want as a powerful state of the art mixer, and a small hand mixer. If you bake occasionally, you will need one or the other. If you have never baked, you can be happy with a whisk.

2.      Food processor

Food processor: it can grate a huge quantiy of almost everything in a matter of seconds, it can make the dough, pastry cake, and even some cookie dough in a minute, it can be mashed vegetables, potato slices, ground meat and fish, and whip up dips and spreads .

If you don’t want to make a big investment, you can have a very good food processor for less than $ 60, and if you cook a lot, you’ll use it every day. Get a large model that can work at least eight 8 (and, preferably, 12), the cup test, or test.

3.      Ice cream Maker :

Ice cream Maker: You can start with an inexpensive model with the container you have to put in the freezer. At the other end of the spectrum are high-end electric models with independent refrigeration.

If you’re going to make such an investment, do your homework and make sure you get one with a powerful compressor and a reliable engine for convenience.

4.      Blender:

Blender: important if you want creamy soup. The immersion blender, which you put in a pan or bowl and work with your hands is helpful, but not as versatile and powerful a the stand up blender. The blender is also good for the ideal vinaigrettes, mixed drinks, cocktails, and a super-smooth sauces and dressings.

5.      Microwave:

Microwave: Microwave is good for heating, melting butter, as well as keeping food warm, and it’s not bad at cooking “a couple” of vegetables and fish. I would not rush out and buy, but you probably have one already.

6.      Coffee / spice grinder:

Coffee / spice grinder: an electric coffee grinder (spice grinder, essentially is the same thing) is the best tool for grinding all the spices. Coffee drinkers are likely to already have one, but it’s nice to have a separate one for spices.

7.      Pressure Cooker:

Pressure Cooker: Pressure cookers can help you make soups and stews quickly. They are perfect when you have a lot of stuff to do or many ingredients to prepare so you can savec time. Then you’ll probably never miss your pressure cooker. If you want one, buy a new one, as they are safer and easier to use than they were ten years ago.

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