10 Storage Solutions That Reinvent Tiny Kitchens

Keep your small kitchen neat and tidy with these smart storage solutions. Below we’ve rounded up some of the best organizing products to get all your stuff in order and make it easier to locate. These storage solutions ideas for small kitchens may help you get the most from the frequently overcrowded and underused area in tiny kitchens.

This rack is sturdy and looks great under any kind of cabinet style. If you lack storage volume in your small kitchen cabinets, this is the way to go.

This rolling cart is the perfect size for a small space like a student studio and works really well as kitchen storage. It is easy to assemble and fits any decor style.

Wall Control
Kitchen Pegboard - $35.00

Pegboards are easy to install and can be cut up to fit your kitchen dimensions. It is sturdy enough to use as a pot rack and turns empty wall space into useful storage space, freeing up cabinets and eliminating clutter.

This hanging basket gathers all the miscellaneous stuff that usually stack up in a corner, like cup covers, cookie cutters, and other kitchen gadgets.

These floating shelves with a decorative rustic edge are great to line up cups, mugs and other spices boxes.

Floating Bookshelf - $23.00

These concealing floating shelves are very handy when it come to storing your collection of cookbooks out of the counter space.

Rustic State
Spice Rack - $30.00

This useful item combines a spice rack and a metal rod for hanging utensils. Ideal for a small kitchen.

If you lack of countertop space, this cutting board fits conveniently over the sink or stove to help you streamline cooking prep.

This sleek design allows you to effortlessly stick your knives on the wall while hanging spoons, spatulas and pancake flippers.

PremiumRacks Professional
Over the Sink Dish Rack - $60.00

If you need sturdier kitchen organizer than the solutions above, this stainless steel rack is an option you should consider. It works for over the sink, but would double easily over the counter.

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