5 Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Friendly and Practical

The kitchen is one of the most open parts of the house. Here’s five tips to give it ease and convenience even though your kitchen occupies a small area.

1.  Choose warm colors

Paint the walls in a warm color. You can do the same for the ceiling, but in lighter shades. Be careful because “warm color” does not mean “dark color,” which tends to shrink space visually! The result should be light first! Choose warm and natural lighting too. The window must not be obstructed by a thick curtain, so choose a light veil or simply nothing if you do not have a vis-à-vis.

2.      Save space

Opt for clever storage (cupboards or shelves mounted under the ceiling, large credenza with integrated drawers) that can hide all of your household appliances. The blender  and other electrical products should not obstruct your view if you want your family to feel at ease. Install a sliding glass door to maximize space and bring back the light.

3.      Think U-Kitchen

Install a U shaped countertop. This opens the volume and enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. It is also very convenient for cooking and can be balanced with some decorative items such as a fruit bowl or flowers.

4.      Decorate with “high tech”

The contemporary style is sober and ultra functional is most suitable for small kitchens. Choose flashy colored furniture (orange, red, yellow) for a more dynamic

5.      Be playful

Make your kitchen a playground and a sharing place. Glue some wall stickers, hang a blackboard with chalk, put down a layer of magnetic paint and let your kids have fun. Install a small TV. Buy a touchpad and let all of the family members share their own tastes and recipes. The kitchen is first and foremost a living space!

Headline picture: Contemporary Kitchen design by San Francisco Interior Designer Justrich Design
Photo 1: Modern Kitchen design by Miami Interior Designer Jorge Castillo Design Inc.
Photo 2, 3, 4, 5: houzz.com

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