10 Open Kitchen Shelves Inspirations for a Nomadic Look

Did you note that open shelvings and cabinets are more and more popular and common in today’s kitchens?  Maybe we prefer to have a kitchen where tools and utensils bring life by themselves instead of having to hide everything behind cabinets.  Or perhaps we simply don’t want to clutter a rental kitchen with expensive cabinetry just to leave everything behind a few years after.  Anyway, it’s always possible to add a laid back and warm mood to any kitchen by using a few tips around the idea of open shelves.

open shelves kitchen photo


1. Raw wood planks offer a minimalistic look this shelving. Pots and utensils become part of the decoration. The choice of utensils to display is up to you but you should try to keep an overall concept in mind. Here we have old ceramics and pottery jars for a vintage look.

open kitchen island pictures


2.  This kitchen island has a lot of storing space available! This very simple steel structure allows you to completely de-clutter your cabinets and show off a real collection! Plus you have an easier access to your plates and heavier dishes.

open kitchen cabinets ideas


 3. This warm and cheerful kitchen design alternates between closed and open wooden cabinets. This creates a rhythm that give an illusion of space. The white shelves helps to balance the wooden panels and offer space to show off some tableware and copper pots.

kitchen open shelving photo


4. This industrial loft just couldn’t afford to enclose the kitchen equipment in cabinets without ruining the overall interior design! Walls with such great texture can look dull with a hanging cabinet block coming from nowhere. So shelves are a great option here with the “factory” look induced.

wrough iron shelves picture


5. Looking from a more traditional stand, this custom wrought iron shelves reminds some north african furnitures. The large planks allow to store a lot of utensils and appliances for a nomadic blend of various cultures and inspirations. Note that the shelves frames are directly fixed into the wall for security purpose.

room divider separator kitchen photo


6. This kitchen shelving acts as a room divider to offer more modularity to this cosy and eclectic living space.

nomadic kitchen design open shelvings images


7.  This formal yet eclectic design is rounded up by a variety of pots, bowls, glasses and plates. The open shelves coupled with the stainless steel island and appliances remind a bit of the professional street-corner restaurant kitchens.

kitchen island open shelving photo


8. Here another example on how to simplify and clear up the higher modules of a contemporary kitchen. The kitchen island doesn’t look too heavy despite its massive countertop, thanks to these niches.

hanging shelves kitchen picture


9. Here’s a perfect example about how to condensate a kitchen to its strict essential parts, without having a bulky look. Once again, the relaxed industrial decor reminds accents of vintage cantina kitchen.

open shelves rustic design photo


10. This rustic and elegant kitchen hits where we don’t expect it: the traditional molding are for bottom cabinetry while the upper part of the storage is totally open. The lighting under the selves add some lightness and a modern touch to this area.

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