What to Do With Leftover Egg Yolks?

leftover egg yolks

What can we do with remaining egg yolks that were not used? Some recipes only calling for egg whites it would be a shame to loose those lovely egg yolks without doing anything with them! Egg yolks are very perishable so you’d better know what to do quickly.

  • Classic solutions: make delicious custards and ice creams. Vary the ingredients, from pumpkin custard to orange cream brulee, you have a wide range of choice! Look for vanilla pods, cocoa powder or spices in your pantry and put your imagination at work. It’s very easy to flavor a custard with few ingredients, they are always appreciated for dessert or tea time.
  • Add leftover egg yolks into your quiche fillings or savory tarts. They will be easier to cut with a filling that stay firm.
  • Cook the egg yolks and crush them over your salads or tart dough. A classic pastry tip is to replace whole eggs with crushed egg yolks into shortbread dough.
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