12 Sauces to Enhance Your Dishes

Do you wonder how to enhance simple dishes you just made for lunch or dinner? Knowing how to make the right sauce is the answer. As a cooking beginner, it takes time to master one particular recipe and when you want to cook a simple and easy dish for your friends or family, you don’t want to spend a week to test it.

12 Yummy Sauce Recipes to Compliment Your Dishes

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Sweet and sour sauce

This sweet and sour sauce is served s an accompaniment for roasted chicken wings.

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Basic tomato sauce

The secret of a good tomato sauce is the cooking time: it should be long, at least 3 to 4 hours for me. To accomplish this, I took some canned crushed, peeled tomatoes. Of course, during the tomato season, use fresh tomatoes because they are much more juicy and delicious.

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Cottage cheese and cucumber sauce

For this cottage cheese and cucumber recipe, prefer small Mediterranean cucumbers, they are plumper and tastier. It is a perfect accompaniment for a snack or a summer snack, simply served on slices of fresh bread.

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Pickled habanero pepper

Habanero… The inevitable little pepper from the Caribbean. Small but big beefy chili! This pepper, with its air of micro peppers, warms dishes up with its power and its incomparable flavor.
This is a great flavor in a court bouillon, in a marinade for fish, meat or in an exotic fish tartar.

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Creamy caramel sauce

The secret of a caramel sauce depends on one simple thing: we must resist the temptation to stir the sugar. You should let it melt and it will turn himself into a dry caramel in front of you, with that amber color.

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Tartar Sauce Recipe

The tartar sauce is a sauce derived from mayonnaise. It therefore consists of mayonnaise, gherkins, capers, chervil, tarragon and parsley. We can add finely chopped onion in the original tartare sauce recipe and replace the parsley with chives. You can serve the tartar sauce with fish and grilled meat or fried fish preparations.

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Bechamel sauce

For this cottage cheese and cucumber recipe, prefer small Mediterranean cucumbers, they are plumper and tastier. It is a perfect accompaniment for a snack or a summer snack, simply served on slices of fresh bread.

learn to cook vinaigrette sauce - quick vinaigrette sauce recipe image

Vinaigrette sauce

Discover the preparation of a successful vinegar sauce dressing, tips to improve it, including a low-fat dressing recipe, plus tips for varying gustatory pleasures.

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Café de Paris butter and sauce recipes

The recipes and ingredients of the Café de Paris sauce can vary depending on the secrets of preparation. The sauce is a roux and can be made ​​from ingredients most notable as poultry broth, fresh thyme, fresh cream, mustard, butter, water, salt and pepper.
Other ingredients may be marjoram, dill fragrant rosemary, tarragon, garlic, parsley, shallots and anchovies.

quick sauce recipe - learn to make bearnaise sauce image

Bearnaise sauce

Bearnaise sauce must contain tarrago which is what gives it its wonderful taste. In addition, it goes well with red meat and fish. This sauce has two versions: the traditional prepared hot and served and cold béarnaise sauce, prepared from a mayonnaise.

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Mustard vinaigrette sauce

Although easy to perform, a classic vinaigrette demand a judicious mix of an healthy dose of salt, vinegar, oil and pepper. To make a mustard vinaigrette sauce, it is necessary to add the final ingredient but with a moderate amount.

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Pepper sauce recipe

There are many recipes for pepper sauce depending on the variety of pepper used. This sauce is easy to do and just take the dosage of each ingredient and to incorporate it in time to bring out the taste.

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  Sauce Recipes to Compliment Your Dishes

Knowing some easy and quick sauces recipes is a good thing as you will be able to enhance any dish quickly and make a good impression! A grilled steak with a good bearnaise sauce is a real treat.

Same goes with pasta: learn to make a good tomato sauce and everyone will be delighted. To make it short, you can accompany the same recipe with many sauce variation to give it a different boost every time.

To help you learn the basic sauce recipes here’s a selection of sauce recipes from our index:

  Try a Recipe:

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