6 DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas that Revive your Decoration

What about remodeling the kitchen? Give it a bang thanks to some tips from the pros: credenza, work plan, countertop, shelving: simple ideas that make life easier…

1. Add electrical outlets on the kitchen countertop

This easy kitchen remodel tip is one of my favorites. Juicer, bread maker, coffee maker… Small appliances can colonize the kitchen countertop, which is not easy when you need to unplug one device and then plug in the desired one. Instead of damaging your wall, install a retractable power strip in the work plan or in a cupboard above. The solution is both practical and discreet as the wire is hidden in the cabinet. This will allow you to connect all your devices for occasional use

2. Put in a special waste composting yard

When remodeling the kitchen, one can think of how to optimize space and better maximize waste use. Easy to set up, the vacuum-waste is a small cylindrical trash can from 6 to 8 liters, which has a lid. It is designed to be integrated into the work plan. The object is not new, but it is very convenient when practicing composting. Use it for organic waste (vegetable peelings, food scraps) and empty it regularly. Ideal in this role, it will avoid the ugly plastic bucket lying around in the kitchen that you never know where to put.

3. Cheaply revamped facades

Change your kitchen without changing the furniture! With paint techniques, most of the materials can now be painted, including the melamine facades or laminate kitchen furniture. Generally, these paintings are without prior undercoat and need two paint layers. The color palettes are wide enough so that everyone can find happiness, especially as they are regularly up to date.

Whatever the style of the kitchen, the shelves can be made of wood: pine or MDF if you plan to paint it, a noble wood (the oak is ideal) if you want to leave it raw. In this case, protect it with an oil (“Countertop Oil “, V33). Be careful; do not skimp on the thickness of the wood: at least 2 cm for a 1.50 m length. For longer lengths, add brackets to the shelf, or thickness to the wood.

4. Shelves instead of high cabinets

In the kitchen, the common practice is that the cabinets are installed closed above the worktop. Often too high to be practical, they are quickly full of outdated and congested ingredients or forgotten items. By replacing them with one or more open shelves, you not only give a facelift to your kitchen, but you also earn Ergonomics: everything is visible and within reach. And do not doubt it: a shelf 1.50 m long and 20 cm deep, supporting twenty jars, can make several closets empty (especially misplaced!).

5. An up to date credenza

Much cannot dress up the wall directly below the work surface like a credenza: tile, stainless steel or glass panels (Ikea), laminate or platelet-facing. They not only imitate the ancient stones, but reproduce brilliantly rough wood, slate, pebbles or display original contemporary settings (Modulo in particular). Best, these new generation credenza arise seamlessly, even when using glue-less adhesive for ultra-fast and easy implementing.

6. A well done and quick tiling on the floor

Intended for the renovation, tile clips have the advantage of covering floor without glue or seal, but interlocking, somewhat like a floor or a laminate floor (only skirting boards are glued and jointed). The sides of the tiles are fitted with sealing gasket, while the back has an undercoat for the grip and sound insulation. Easy to install, the tile clip is quite economical compared to a traditional tiles, for which you must, in addition to the price of the tiles, add the glue, the joint… Or the installer!

Photo by: Jeremy Levine De

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