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Missed a meal, the tip from the pros. We like to know the tricks of the pros to get our culinary excesses. As I am a gourmet magazines, I came acrossthese valuable aids that can we save the day in the kitchen. A treasure in our workbooks.
So what to do If…

My sauce is too salty:
Remove the sauce from the dish, divide it into two portions and add cream, milk or a little water.

My fish in foil are insipid:
Save them with slices of lemon, a stick of lemongrass, dill, bay rose, rosemary or kumbawas (mini-fragrant limes with hints of lemon grass).
Next time: salt-pepper before cooking and drizzle with olive oil.

My chicken dries in the oven:
Turn it every 15 minutes, basting with a little water. When cooked, wrap in a foil and let rest 10-15 min.
Next time: brush the chicken with oil or butter, drag it 20 minutes on one side and switch sides by sprinkling a little water every 15 min.

I can not roll my quiche dough:
Spread it on lightly floured parchment paper, slide it on a tray and place in freezer 5 minutes.
The ideal: to prepare the night before and leave in the fridge.

My carrots are too much cooked:
Make a custard: 2 eggs + a little cream and slip into small flexible mold, then baked 15 min.

My lentils are boiled:
Prepare a “dhak”, an Indian soup: blend, add a little Greek yogurt + chopped coriander.

My zucchini puree is too watery:
Turn it into a revisited gaspacho: pour into individual glasses, crumble a dung Chavignol cheese other dried goat cheese + a pinch of paprika.

My Charlotte cake collapsed:
Serve it in glasses with a little icing sugar + red and black fruit! Next time: Be sure to cool the custard before adding the whipped cream … and the proper balance gelatin (10-12g per liter) and use it well: soak the gelatine leaves in cold water, drain (without pressing!) and weigh them, a wet sheet should weigh 6 times its dry weight. If you use the kiwi, pineapple (or avocado for a salty version) bring them to a boil in a syrup or stove to eliminate the enzyme that prevents gelation.
Imperative evenly distribute the fruit on the Bavarian and keep it in the fridge until the last moment.

My meringues are sticky and soft:
Dry them longer in the oven (100 °).
Next time: check the sugar (200 g per 100 g of egg whites) and the cooking time (120 ° C for 30 min, then 100 ° C).

My egg whites (or my Chantilly whipped cream) are soft:
Rinse beater and bowl with warm water and then cold water to remove all traces of fat. For the Chantilly, use a cream with more than 30% fat, out of the fridge at the last moment and drag the bowl and whisk in freezer 30 minutes before. Then place the bowl over a water bath with ice cubes.

My jam is too liquid
Make the annealing by adding apple slices and their weight in sugar, or currant juice and its weight in sugar ….

My jam is too thick:
Bring it to a boil with 10 cl of lemon juice, orange or vinegar per pound of jam.

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