Happy Valentine’s Day !

Valentines Day

Love is like a recipe: It’s is primarily a careful balance in the choice and dosage of ingredients. Love and cooking have a lot in common, it’s like an art: It’s all about respect, liking, sharing, balance, finesse, creativity, imagination, communication, fun and a huge dose of tenderness…

If Love were an hors d’oeuvre,
It would be a seafood platter.
Delicate, fine, subtle and varied,
A balanced blend of taste and texture.

If Love were a main course,
I will fall for a good stew.
A tasty dish, full of hope,
Colors and generosity.

If Love were a dessert or a candy,
It would be a raspberry panacota.
Both sensual and full of sweetness,
In short, a true happiness.

This is the day of hearts and beautiful colors. This is also the time of year to tell people we care about that we love them.

Happy Valentine’s Day … Happy valentine day

(Source photo: raids-patisseries)

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