Healthy Eating: 8 Tips to Prepare Low-Fat Meals

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To help you cut back on fat without sacrificing flavor, here are some tips for making low-fat meals that still taste great. Try them, and if you can’t tell the difference or you don’t mind the difference, go for the lower-fat version. It has been experimented by many of us but: feeling deprived will only make you eat more fat later. So if you do spot the difference, cut back elsewhere!

8 tips to cook with less fat

1. Sauté meat and vegetables in chicken broth or wine instead of butter or oil.

2. Use cooking spray instead of butter or oil to grease skillets, griddles, and baking pans. Pam brand is famous for its cooking sprays with canola oil. But it’s always better to use your own vegetable oil to fill your spray can, at least you know exactly what’s inside. If you still don’t know what it is a cooking spray, just check this item on Amazon to make you an idea.

3. Eat less red meat and more fish. Fish contains fat, but it’s the kind that is good for your heart. Think salmon!

4. You should slow-cook roasts, pork chops, veal, beef and chicken; they will be moist and tender without needing any fat more. You can slow cook in the oven at low temperature or use a slow-cooker appliance. More than just being a great investment, your cast iron pot will be your best friend for all your “set and forget” recipes!

5. salad dressing will be perfect with a vinegar-to-oil ratio of 3:1. You can also cut off half the oil with water to make some volume.

6. Don’t eat the skin off your chicken or turkey. Just plain simple.

7. Broil, bake, grill, or steam food rather than sautéing or frying it. Roll chicken strips or pieces of fish in bread crumbs and bake them instead of frying. You can even bake strips of white or sweet potatoes into “fries” for a fraction of the fat you’ll find in the deep-fat-fried kind. Here’s a popular oven potato recipe you can try right now!

8. For scrambled eggs, use two egg whites for every whole egg you cook. You won’t even miss the extra egg yolks.

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